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Welcome all ye travelers! You have found the entertainers page!

Here ye find all the folk who will be entertaining ye at the Fest!


Join us this year for a raucous good time with Sea Shanties, Thundering Cannons, Juggling Dare Devils, Historic Pirates and so much more. For a map and stage schedule click here!


Below you will find the roster of entertainers for 2019. Join us on Facebook. Instagram or twitter to get up to the moment additions and descriptions of the attractions at the Northern California Pirate Festival.

Take a look at our piratical line up of acts and historical environments. Place your mouse over the left or right side of the gallery to view some of the fantastic entertainers we have for you!

Looking For Information On Kid Specific Activities?


Learn about costume competitions, bounce houses, kids shows and more!

Find Treasure in the Marketplace.


Vendors with fyne wares invade the waterfront. shop to your hearts desire...

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