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Fyne Wares...

Here you'll find out all you need to know about the fyne wares at the fest! 


We have jewelry and pirate garb, trinkets and treasure, food and drynke and finally- we try to do a bit of good every year.


Scroll down below, to read on about the fest.

The Fyne Entertainers of the Fest await!


Learn about the stage shows that await you at the Fest!


Aren't we lucky pirates to have the best O'the world in jewelry and booty? The artisans that sell their jewels at the Northern California Pirate Festival have been honing their skills and creating the most amazing works of art just for you. You'll not find a more talented lot anywhere but here on the shores of Vallejo California, Fathers Day Weekend!



There is nothing more sad to look upon than a privateer with no pants, a buccaneer with no boots, a wench with no... Tricorn.  

Look no further than our marketplace, we have the finest clothiers, hatters and corsetiers west of Tortuga!


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Food & Drynke

Meat pies, Smoked Tri-tip, Hotdogs and exotic fare is what you'll find when seeking out grub at at Pirate fest. ​Raise a glass of wine or a flaggin of ale! The selection is fantastic and we welcome you to try the food from the court of the Pirate Lord!​

Artisanal Crafts

It is a mission close to our charred blackened hearts to be sure that the largest percentage of wares available to you our guests be hand crafted and made by artisans.

Some of our craftsmen travel from far lands such as Or-A-Gon, and Yoooo-tah. We import the best in talent and so pass on the treasure to you!

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