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Plank Owners Club

You have navigated your way to the web-port of the Northern California Pirate Festival Plank Owner Club. On this Isle of bits you will find information regarding this exclusive and special club, the people, and the swag! The Plankowner Club is filled with both good hearted souls whose only wish is to help the Pirate Fest exist, AND cold fisted, black hearted mercenaries who are here for the free drinks and privileges that come with owning a plank. To each, we tip our hat at ye.
What's a Plank Owner?- Returning Plank Owners- New Plank Owners
whats a plankowner
returning plankowners

What is a Plankowner?


A “plank owner” is an individual who was a member of the crew of a ship when that ship was placed in commission. Originally, this term applied only to crew members present at the ship’s first commissioning. The origin of the term is the implication that a crew member was around when the ship was being built and commissioned and therefore has bragging rights to the ownership of one of the deck planks in the main deck.


Our very own “NorCal PirateFest Plank Owners Club” is a very special level of sponsorship available to individuals who want to help the pirate festival “above and beyond” and at the same time get some fabulous gifts! (We want to thank you for your generous contribution!) Not only are there great gifts that you can’t get anywhere else, but you can sleep well in your hammock at night knowing that you helped keep the Pirate Festival alive and helped launch the PirateFest and that your generous donations help with everything from supporting the cannon battles to bringing the finest in nautical entertainment to the event.


Welcome Back Me Hearties!


Know it as truth, every time you plunk your hard earned cash into our purse we are grateful! It is truly folks like yourself who make this event possible and we thank ye!


In 2014 we upgraded the registration system to work in conjunction with Eventbrite thereby FULLY AUTOMATING the registration process! Hip Bloomin’ Hooray! We even have special codes (real codes-not just guidelines) to allow returning plank members to renew at their special discounted price! That means if you are a Charter Member (2007), or a Foundation Member (2008-2012) you will receive your discount code via e-mail by April 20th, 2019. If you are a returning member and have NOT received your renewal code via e-mail please E-mail The Plankmaster. She’ll be sure to send it to yer new e-mail address.

If you are a returning member you will receive a prompt to renew by April 20th, 2019. If you have not, please check this site and see what the scuttlebutt is, or contact or call (707) 780-3018×705 to reach someone by phone.



Good Question Me Heartie! You can wend yer way down this electronic corridor and Register HERE!

If’n ye be on the fence don’t delay, the price will be going up next year so be sure to renew your membership now to keep your original price! If you skip more than one year you’ll lose your discount and have to start over at the new member rate.

So what ye be waitin’ fer?  Renew yer membership today!

New Plank Owners


For only $95, you can become a “Plank Owner Club” sponsor – you’ll find that the perks are worth the price alone!


Plank Owner Club for Very Important Pirates!

For your generous donation, we will treat you like the Very Important Pirate that you are:


Perks and privileges for a 2019 plank owner include:


1. One (1) two day admission into  the Northern California Pirate Festival.

2. You may purchase additional discounted tickets online for $3 off. (New Plank Owners will be given a discount code through Eventbrite after you order). Buy tickets fer yer chums!

3. A collectible plank owner membership card with unique identifier allowing you a discount of 10% at the Pirate Festival Merchandise store.

4.  During the festival, there is a shaded location where you can relax and get free water and non-alcoholic drinks. This space will be reserved especially for Very Important Pirates like yourself, your guest and up to three children 12 and under. (Tickets for your guests are not included in the Plank Package)

5. You will receive a commemorative 2019 Plank Owner’s Certificate with original art – created for and ONLY available to Plank Owners!

6. The VIP area is in a centralized location and this year the Tortuga Stage  may be viewed from the comfort of your grog soaked barnacle encrusted lounge (ahh, just like home…)!

7. Your own Private Privy! This privy is located in the Plank owner VIP area and is for the use of Plank owners and their guests only. That means no waiting in line for a swill laden, stinkin’ to high heaven public use privy. Your privy will stink far less. 


8. FREE non-alcoholic beverages and a drink token if ye wish to buy a beer on the house. (not good for the rum bar)

BEST OF ALL: You will receive a 2019 Plank Owners Club special edition shirt or Plank Owner Bag with the Pirate Festival design. This is a unique and gorgeous shirt that is ONLY available by becoming a Plank Owner!

Additional benefits to ongoing plank owners: By continuing your plank owner membership annually, your membership fee will stay the same (in other words, if you joined for $95 – then as long as you renew each year…it will remain at $95) And if ye be a financially frugal skip, you won’t wait for next year, the price is likely to change!

New memberships go on sale on April  29, 2019.

New Plank Owners

How Do I Join?


Good Question Me Heartie! You can wend yer way down this electronic corridor and register HERE!

At this time there are no paper transactions. Please e-mail if you would like to mail a check and she will arrange the transaction.



If you are a returning member you will receive a prompt to renew by April 20th, 2019. You may also contact or call (707)780-3018×705 to reach someone by phone.

How Do I Join
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