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For The Wee Pirates!

The Northern California Pirate Festival may be the playground of maritime music fans, living history re-enactors and foodies enjoying micro brews and fresh fish and chips, but in Vallejo each Fathers Day Weekend, children are invited to join over 20,000 visitors for cannon battles, costume contests, and treasure hunts.  This year, the Northern California Pirate Festival offers a treasure trove of entertainment and activities for younger pirates. 
Scroll down to see some of the different attractions tailored for the kiddies. Then keep the treasure hunt going and discover what abounds for the whole family!

Shop for One of  a Kind Wares.


Learn about the vendors at the Pirate Fest! 

Fyne Food and Drynke!


Raise your glass to piracy! Should your tastes steer toward rum, beer or lemonade for the kids we have what you desire to embibe.

Meet and collect historic Pirates and friends!

Collect pirate trading cards! Find and collect the famous pirates of history. Henry Morgan, Anne Bonny, and the great Blackbeard himself can be found at the fest! Worry not they are here under parlay and won't keel haul you on sight. We hope, the codes are more like guidelines...

Ship to shore cannon battle!

The ship to shore cannon battle is a staple of the Pirate-Fest and one of the most highly anticipated events of the summer!


Watch as Thegreat ship sets sail against the Brotherhood of Oceanic Mercenaries (BOOM!)

Detailed news of the ship to shore cannon battle will be released shortly. However there is rumour that thar be TWO battles per day coming to the pirate fest this year!

Grub for Pirates

Artisan candies, snow cones and lemonade start out a rounded meal for a pirate! Thar be more substantial fare than this in the food court near the main stage, but we make sure that there are vittle in the kids area (as well as libation for you parents as well.)

Zipline of Insanity

Practice yer boarding technique by taking a flight on the Zipline Insanity! 


Face painting , Painting garden, Pirate Schoole and  pirate games.

Pirate Bounce Houses

Three giant Pirate themed bounce houses greet you as you pass the zipline Insanity! 


 No, really! These stunning sirens wound their way into our nets and have been caught once again to be viewed at the Pirate Fest. Don't get too close! Legend has it that the song of a mermaid has lured many a strong willed soul to the depths and their demise.


The Mermaids  from Mermaids & Mom are overjoyed to be splashing into a pirate adventure this Father's Day weekend. Sail on down to the Nor Cal Pirate Festival and see if you can 'catch' a mermaid!

But fear not youngsters, these fascinating fish-tails have a soft heart for children. They may even find a bit of treasure from their ill-gotten stash and give it to you. Just make sure dad doesn't get too close...

Sword Fighting Lessons & Shows!

Become adept at swashing yer buckle! Er, uh learn to sword fight, watch the pro's! There is much sword slingin' at Pirate Fest!

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