The largest festival of its kind in California, The 9th Annual Northern California Pirate Festival features streets and stages teaming with colorful sea folk from British Naval Officers to Swimming Mermaids, marauding pirate encampments, black powder canons, unique shopping and a dedicated children’s area with a 30 foot slide, Children’s Schoole of Piracy, treasure hunts and costume contests.


The NorCal PirateFest is proud to bring you some of the best pirate and nautical entertainers you'll find anywhere - many from the greater SF Bay Area, but also some special guests from across the globe!

The entertainment roster encompasses performers featured on the main stage, the children's stage, main gate stage, swordfighting & pirate's "brawling" areas, participating vessels and roving entertainment !

Wee Pirates

More fun than the like you'll find across the seven seas! Bring your wee ones to the Northern California Pirate Festival where we have rides, contests, dedicated entertainment, and pirate vittles for all ages.


This year our festival boasts a dedicated children's area, loaded with fun, food and good times. This Festival was designed with families in mind so bring your father for fathers day and let loose on the waterfront of Vallejo!

Fyne Wares

 Take a glance at our Amazing Marketplace. Our vendors are the finest in their trades and boast the best in pirate booty!


The Pirate fest boast a league of artisans and merchants that are chosen for the quality in craftsmanship as well uniqueness of the wares. Look through our photos and visit some shops at their ports on the net! You won't be sorry- arrr!

Plank Owner Club


A “plank owner” is an individual who was a member of the crew of a ship when that ship was placed in commission. Originally, this term applied only to crew members present at the ship’s first commissioning. The origin of the term is the implication that a crew member was around when the ship was being built and commissioned and therefore has bragging rights to the ownership of one of the deck planks in the main deck.


Our very own “NorCal PirateFest Plank Owners Club” is a very special level of sponsorship available to individuals who want to help the pirate festival “above and beyond” and at the same time get some fabulous gifts! Click here to learn more about becoming a Plank Owner!